General Manager

1 year ago
United States

The company Robowind is looking for General Manager with an experience in maintenance marketing in the wind industry.

Robowind is an early stage technology company developing a suite of robots and tools designed to make commercial wind turbine blade maintenance in less than 30 min for each blade VS per day while eliminating  the human safety risks and turbine down times. Robot can also speed up the  installation of performance enhancement technology like VG and Dinotails which takes 2 hrs by our robot rather than 2 days if done manually.

Our team has completed the initial design and beta test rover and tools to implement their robotic maintenance strategy. Further they have concluded their initial research on performance enhancing methodology and materials and are now moving to the next phase of field testing, improving and moving from prototype to production.

The third-generation model under development will be able to repair type 1 and 2 damage when available in late 2020 following field trials in 1st week of  June.

Currently, we are seeking a General manager to help the Robowind team coordinate between various sub-teams of hardware  and software functions and help organize and distribute tasks to the team to  achieve the goal of building the robot as a marketable product. Wind industry knowledge of maintenance marketing will be helpful.


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